Adele has been prescribed a diet of no singing and no talking for at least a month so that the retro soul diva can recover from her nasty bout with laryngitis, which forced her to table her US tour in support of her best-selling '21' album. The singer has expressed her frustration with her lingering voice issues, but conceded that all she can do is follow doctor's orders and rest up so that she can heal in proper fashion.

However, rumors persist that Adele's voice issues are compounded by one of her most visible vices -- smoking.  Digital Spy reports that a source from News of the World suggested that Adele is not following the advice of her docs and is in fact inflicting more damage on her famous pipes by her inability to quit smoking. The source says, "Adele's voice is very special. But if she continues to abuse it in the way she has, then she could lose it completely."

PopCrush has an easy antidote to Adele's vocal issues! Quiet down, grab a nicotine patch or a nice wad of the nicotine gum, blow some bubbles with it, send text messages instead of making phone calls and let your stunning pipes heal in peace, Adele. We want to hear you sing for us in American venues, so get well soon, girl!

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