Adele's music will not be defined by cultural or genre boundaries and in fact lends itself to multiple interpretations and reworkings. Case in point: This viral video of 'Rolling in the Depp' performed on a guzheng, which is a traditional Chinese string instrument.

This vocal-less version, unearthed by Spinner, sounds like the original, with that big old twist of no lyrics, runs or fills, created by a booming, bluesy voice. The song has no boundaries and can be covered and interpreted in many ways.

Overall, the guzheng makes the song feel like the new age, spa version of Adele's anthem. It's soothing, and could be played in the background while you get a massage or a facial.

While Adele songs are defined by her massive, soulful voice, especially this particular tune, it just goes to show that her songs are malleable and can be creatively shifted and shaped -- a further testament to her many talents.

If you want to relax to a familiar melody, do it by watching this video!

Watch Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' Played on a Guzheng