Think everyone on the planet and in the free world loves Adele's '21?' It is the best-selling, most critically adored album of 2011, with many an artist covering its big hit 'Rolling in the Deep' so that's a logical assumption, right? But wait. Not so fast. Not everyone loves '21' or Adele or the beautiful, piano driven ballad 'Someone Like You,' namely the workers surrounded by keyboards at an instrument shop in Dublin.

The NME reports that 'Someone Like You' has been banned from being played at the Opus ii instrument store, since the store's employees got sick and tired of customers and patrons trying to play the song on the keyboards. The store has been forced to post a sign in the shop window that reads: "Strictly No Adele." Ouch! Come, Opus employees, is it really that unpleasant?

A shop employee told The Independent that it's just an irritant, really. "It's become the piano equivalent of [Led Zeppelin]'s 'Stairway to Heaven.' Everyone thinks they can play it. The sign was a bit of a joke, but the song can drive you mad." Right, when it's played by people who probably can't play it well!

Adele shouldn't be offended that her song was banned from in-store play. Other songs on the "Do Not Play" list include Beethoven's 'Fur Elise' and anything penned by Michael Nyman, who wrote the soundtrack for 'The Piano.' That's good company.

And even if an instrument shop says her song is a "no no," millions of fans continue to say it's a "yes yes" and snatch '21' up in droves.