Adele brought a welcome moment of tranquility and grace to what had been an extremely jam-packed and visually overwhelming MTV Video Music Awards with her stately reading of 'Someone Like You.'

Backed only by a piano player -- no lasers, no fireworks, no guest appearances -- the British singer, whose album '21' is proving to be one of the most impressive and still-growing success stories in recent years, stood stock still and delivered an actually-sung (and actually-sung really well) rendition of her current single.

She doesn't seem ALL that comfortable with the spotlight, but as any of her millions of fans will tell you, that only adds to her charm. And it didn't stop her from unleashing that lush, powerful voice on the heartfelt break-up lyrics of the song: "Never mind, I'll find someone like you / I wish nothing but the best for you, too."

Then, just as soon as Adele's temporary reign of calm started, it was over, and we were back to the hyper-activity of flying, spinning dancers, outrageous costumes, and whatever the heck Justin Bieber's doing to his hair nowadays.

Watch Adele Perform 'Someone Like You' at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

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