Adele indirectly helped saved a stranger's life. In the underground transportation system of  New York City, far away from the singer's native England, a subway performer, who has become known for his version of Adele's smash, yearning ballad 'Someone Like You,' rushed to the aid of a subway rider who either jumped or fell on the tracks. If he hadn't been there performing her song, the man who fell might not have been saved.

Yesterday (Feb. 27), Damon Scott, who parks himself in the 86thStreet Station to entertain straphangers, "jumped to the rescue of someone who'd fallen on the train tracks," an eyewitness told Perez Hilton. The man who either jumped or fell could not get himself out of his predicament, so Scott jumped to the other side of the tracks and pulled the man to safety on the platform.

Scott was quick acting and quick thinking, as a train roared into the station less an a minute later. Whew! Disaster averted. Thank goodness.

Scott deserves a pat on the back, for both his heroic actions and his amazing voice. Just think: If Adele had never had her heart ripped out, she'd never have penned the song and Scott wouldn't have been there singing it. Funny how these things work out.

Watch Damon Scott Perform 'Someone Like You'