As if we needed more reasons to adore Adele! The Smoking Gun snagged a copy of the siren's tour rider from her ill-fated August 2011 North American tour, and while some requests are neither surprising nor pleasing (cigarettes!), one in particular is brilliant.

The very first page of Adele's tour rider states that any and all complimentary guests to her shows donate a minimum of $20 cash. The collection is then donated to SANDS, a U.K. charity dedicated to "supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby and promoting research to reduce the loss of babies' lives." The rider goes on to say that Adele collected over $13,000 for the charity this way on her European tour and hopes to continue with her North American dates. What a commendable (and clever) exercise!

Adele's band sound like they know how to party. On their rider, they list chocolate bars, European lager beers (North American brews are strictly prohibited!), best quality California red and white wines and Grey Goose vodka.

As for Adele herself, her rider is pretty standard -- even low maintenance by comparison to fellow stars -- but she does make some specifications. Because acidic foods and drinks can aggravate vocal cords, no tomatoes, vinegar, chili or citrus fruits are to be served in Adele's green room (though they're fine for her band). Adele clearly drinks tea to keep her voice in tip-top shape, and her requests for mugs, an electric kettle and honey -- non organic, in squeeze bottles only, thankyouverymuch -- reflect that. Adele also requests a bottle of "very best quality" red wine and an assortment of chewing gum in her room.

One thing we don't like to see on her rider? Marlboro Lights. C'mon, Adele! Even Boy George knows how bad that is for not just your health, but those pipes! We doubt your banter is the only thing infringing on your health.