ELLE has released their yearly 'Women in Music' issue, and the main ladies being highlighted this year are 'Skyfall' chanteuse Adele, that 'Girl on Fire' known as Alicia Keys, and 'Radioactive' songstress Rita Ora.

So far, only Adele's ELLE cover has been on display for Internet users, with Keys' and Ora's issues still to come. Luckily though, we've gotten glimpses of all three songstresses in the accompanying 'Women in Music' photo spread within the mag pages.

All three of these photographs have a very different feel, which is appropriate since these three songstresses make very different kinds of music. So, of the three recording artists, whose 'Women in Music' picture has drawn your eyes in the most? Adele's black and white, lounge-esque shot, Alicia Keys' fiery red and free picture, or Ora's striking, high-fashion photo?

We love to see Adele looking so vintage, especially since most contemporary vocalists can't hold a candle to her goosebump-inducing, wide-ranging, and sometimes haunting vocals. The Oscar and nine-time Grammy winner looks so beautiful in her black lace dress standing at a retro microphone stand, with the shadowy effects showing off her killer bone structure in the achromatic picture. It perfectly suits her whole vibe as a truly impassioned singer-songwriter whose voice is like nothing we've heard in a long, loooong time.

Meanwhile, the photographers took very different approaches for the colorful and crisp photos of Alicia Keys and Rita Ora. Keys posed with her hands thrown above and behind her head, with her hair appearing to look wet... or just totally wild. The shot of the piano woman evokes feelings of carefreeness and freedom, as the gorgeous Keys shouts out in glee and wears the flaming red color (on her sweater and lips) reflective of her latest hit single, 'Girl on Fire' -- a song that speaks to the strengths of women all around.

Lastly, pop / R&B songbird Rita Ora has the most haute look of all three women, wearing an ornate, metallic dress with tons of texture and 3D details. The silver and blue shades match beautifully against the 'How We Do' hit maker's complexion, and being such a  fashionista on her own, we were happy to see that Ora got her supermodel on for ELLE's 'Women in Music' issue. Those slightly opened, reddish-pink lips, eye-catching brows and floral head-topper make her look every inch a high-fashion catwalker, even though she only stands at roughly 5' 5". It's also great to see a newer artist in the issue, especially because we have a hunch that Ora has some serious staying power.

So, who is your favorite lady featured in ELLE's 2013 'Women in Music' issue? Vote for Adele, Alicia or Rita below!