Like we said, we aren't going to make crowning the reigning British musical act a cinch. Adele is going head-to-head with Ed Sheeran, and this might be the toughest match-up we have in our Battle of the Brits. Both are amazingly talented singer-songwriters, and great personalities to boot!

Even at 25 years old, Adele could easily be considered one of the most talented and successful British artists of all time. You could fill an entire book with her career accomplishments, so we'll only list the biggest ones. She has nine Grammy Awards and tied the record for the most Grammys won by a female artist in a single night in 2012. Her album '21' is the best-selling LP in U.K. history, and has moved 26.5 million copies as of Dec. 2012. Those numbers are hard to beat!

But even with Adele's monstrous sales, newcomer Ed Sheeran has had some major success in his young career. He's currently on tour with Taylor Swift and even performed with the legendary Elton John at the 2012 Grammy Awards. He's also won a couple of BRIT Awards already and was nominated for a Song of the Year Grammy. His album '+' debuted at No.1 on the U.K. albums chart and has sold close 1 million copies. Who says ol' Ed doesn't have another 25.5 million copies in him?!

Make sure to vote for Adele or Ed Sheeran before the first round polls close July 17 at 2PM EST!