Most of us dream of someday maybe being able to rent a Ferrari for an hour. Then you have people like Afrojack, who buy Ferraris ... and then crash them hours later.

The DJ posted a photo on Twitter of his brand new, lipstick red ride with the caption, "I made a new friend!"

That friendship soon soured -- only an hour later! Afrojack posted another photo of his $240,000 whip, this time with a completely busted rear bumper and two pals. In the shot, the DJ looks contrite and captioned it, "Ok, that sucks, good thing we're all ok! Lesson in life: Don't drive a Ferrari in s--- weather!"

Afrojack, born Nick van de Wall, added that he's getting some more practice -- and presents -- from the luxury Italian car makers ... and that he's still a repeat customer. Must be nice!


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