Los Angeles based pop group After Romeo just debuted their music video for their current single, 'Juliet,' and they clearly know how to get the party started.

The video sees the band -- which is comprised of members Drew Ryan Scott, Devin Fox, Blake English, T. C. Carter and Jayk Purdy -- showing off their individual styles while also showing off their fantastic dance moves.

An invite for a house party is sent out, presumably in an attempt for the guys to finally find their Juliets, which is backed up by the lyrics to the song: "Let me know / Let me know / If you're looking for your Romeo / 'Cause I'm looking for my Juliet."

When the guys open the door to a group of girls ready to party, it looks like their possibilities of finding their Juliets are pretty good. They all seem to fall for the same girl, who they spot on a balcony amidst their body rolls and other dance moves, but she disappears before they can get to her. She does leave behind a note, and the video ends on a cliffhanger.

Check it out above!