Onetime 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant and former 'All My Children' star Aiden Turner was arrested for domestic violence this week.

Turner, 36, and his partner got into a fight at their apartment in Hollywood, causing him to hurl a remote control at her. It hit her in the eye, leaving her with cuts and bruises. Ouch!

Since Turner's lady love's injuries were minor, the case will probably be labeled a misdemeanor and that's it.

TMZ filmed the actor and dancer, who competed on Season 10 of the dance competition back in 2010, after he was released from jail. He offered a statement to his girlfriend, using her pet name, saying, "I love you, monkey."

We will applaud Turner for not blowing a gasket at the TMZ cameraman trying to goad him, especially since he was just released from custody. He gets a gold star for not losing his temper when he easily could have.

Watch Aiden Turner's Monkey Message to Girlfriend