AJR's latest video for their song 'Infinity' demonstrates the trials of a relationship through a series of illustrations, until ultimately unveiling that the couple was able to work through things and get back together -- at least, that's what we got out of it!

At first focusing on a photograph that shows a happy couple, the video then veers into territory known all too well by so anyone who's ever suffered through a breakup: arguments escalate, misunderstandings turn into screaming matches and before you know it you're left at the high school dance, fending off tears and parent escorts insistent on talking you through whatever happened. This one may hit a little too close to home.

The use of artwork is a great addition to the video, almost reminiscent of Incubus' 'Drive' video from way-back-when. We love that the video matches the uplifting tone and sound of the song perfectly, especially the lyrics, "My mama says to pick the best / And you are it." Too cute.

Check out ARJ's video for 'Infinity' above and let us know what you think about it!