Singer/songwriter/producer Akon is a triple threat and he is also credited with being of the people who unearthed Lady Gaga. During a recent in studio chat with Hot 97, Akon talks about knowing that Gaga was the next big thing and his real estate investments, among other things.

"I saw that all coming," Akon said when asked about his instincts towards Gaga. "I was just hoping she got a fair shot. It just fell in my lap, literally. It was so obvious from the moment she walked into the studio in all gold leotards at that time and did one song. When she did one song, it was no question. It was a matter of who had the guts to actually support it."

Akon also acknowledged that launching a record label was the smartest thing he ever did, as the residuals keep flowing and keep his business running.

Akon, who co-penned 'Just Dance,' one of Gaga's initial singles, also owns investment properties in Africa, as well. He divulged some of his real estate secrets, saying, "Anything on the waterfront, I want it. In Africa, they don't like the water. Anything close to the water? They shun it, so it's mad cheap, so I grabbed it."

Akon, who was incarcerated years ago, said that he actually used his time in the slammer wisely and left the locked up life with a business plan in hand. "I had a 10-year business plan, since you have nothing but time on your hands," he said about killing time while in the big house.

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