Akon wants to 'Take it Down Low' on his latest track featuring Chris Brown, a song that will appear on the Senegalese singer's next release, 'Stadium.'

Akon sings suggestive lyrics about going home with "the baddest b---- in the club": "She wanna leave, I'm ready to go / We can go out the back so don't nobody know / Look at your girl, she all over me / Nicki Minaj, be my little freak."

'Take it Down Low' was produced by Polow da Don, whose credits include Usher's 'Love in this Club' and the Pussycat Dolls' 'Buttons.'

The track features a catchy robotic "Take it down, take it down low" chorus; however, the song takes the technology too far with Auto-Tune overload on both singers' vocals, including Brown's racy, half-rapped verse.

The song is a far cry from Akon's more melodic hits like 'Smack That' and 'Right Now (Na Na Na),' and perhaps the stylistic change is intentional. But if Akon wants to dominate radio playlists again, he'll have to do better than this.

Rating: 6/10

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