Alanis Morissette is settling into a "new normal" -- life with her infant son Ever Imre, born Christmas Day -- and has apparently had a revelation about being established as a new parent.

"Ever has cracked open a door in my heart that I had been dusting off for years in anticipation of this kind of opportunity to love," Morissette says in a message on her Facebook page. "And what I have found on the other side is no less than a golden healing balm and celebration...."

The singer adds that she's "Head Over Feet," (so-to-speak), and that she and her rapper husband MC Souleye (Mario Treadway) are beyond thrilled with their new addition. "I am so grateful for all the kind congratulations you have sent to me and Souleye. We are deeply touched by your kindnesses....," she says. Alanis continues that she's been "teeming with thoughts and findings" in correspondence with her two-month-old little boy, including physical parts, emotional parts, humorous parts, and "sweet-lord-I-had-no-idea parts."

Above all else, the 'Uninvited' singer says she's prepared for "a responsibility that I feel blessed to take on...privileged. Inspired. Ready. The softest and cuddliest sucker punch."

We're happy for you, Alanis!