When Alejando Cazares met with the judges for his 'American Idol' season 11 audition in Houston, Texas, he delivered a bit of rhetoric before he sang. He asked the judges to "grant me the power to bring the revolution to the world" and then referenced modern revolutionaries like President Obama and Lady Gaga in his speech. He revealed that he has been on the sidelines his whole life, and that even his girlfriend is rooting against him because she doesn't believe in him. Ouch.

Still, Cazares remained undaunted and sang Paramore's 'Looking Up.'

Randy Jackson told him his voice is "terrible" and that he will never go forward.

This is where things got uncomfortable, and not because Cazares was threatening or out of control.

He got on his knees and begged for a chance to sing another song, and even offered to sing it in Spanish. It was agonizing to watch, and we felt so bad for him. Again, we have to ask, why do the show's producers put this type of contestant on the air? Not only is it humiliating for the contestant, but there are other people who got golden tickets and are moving onto the Hollywood rounds, yet we only got to see 15 seconds of their audition. It feels irresponsible.

Let's see more of the movers and shakers, not the ones who were rejected!