Fangelos! Alex Angelo is turning it up with his brand-new track 'Move Like This,' and PopCrush has the exclusive online premiere of the song!

"Baby if you're down, let's get it. If you wanna get loud, let's do it like this," Alex sings on the super upbeat tune, which is infused with a heavy electronic sound and the kind of big, booming beats that just make you want to shake it -- which was what the 13-year-old DJ-dancer-singer aimed to achieve.

“My whole journey started with dance," Alex explains. "It has led me to DJing and singing as well. It will always go back to dance though, and having a good time. I wanted that to be what 'Move Like This' is about.”

There's no doubt that fans will soon be obsessed with the dance-themed track, considering it's basically impossible not to move it when it comes on. And trust us on that one: We can't stop listening -- or dancing!

Listen to the exclusive premiere of Alex Angelo's 'Move Like This' above.