Alex Clare has a ridiculously catchy and insanely often-played single with 'Too Close.' In case you're a little tired of hearing it but still love him -- as seems to be the case with many -- have no fear. Clare is planning a new album as soon as June 2013. (For the record, Clare doesn't mind the constant airplay: "It's awesome that it's being played constantly. Every time I turn on my radio, it's there!")

"We started album two a couple of weeks ago," he told Billboard. "We started the writing process in earnest so hopefully by next June, we should have a new record out ... [it's] pretty exciting although slightly daunting and terrifying."

When inevitably asked if his sophomore effort will be similar to 'Too Close' and his debut, 'The Lateness of the Hour,' Clare got a little cagey. "I think the priority has to be on making nice songs and songs that feel good," he explained. "Once you have good songs, then hopefully everyone else will agree and then they will take off." Sounds like a no to us, but who knows?

Another hint at a new direction? The sounds Clare is going for. "My intention is to have more of a live orchestration and strings," he revealed. "When I wrote most of the songs, I had that in mind. Hopefully I'll be able to realize that with the next record -- get a little bit more useful dynamic on that."

Despite the big leap in sound style, Clare doesn't think it should take long to finish his second album. "I did 'The Lateness of The Hour' in about 10 weeks. I think the reality is that it shouldn't take more than that," he admitted. "If you're really struggling with the song and it takes you more than three weeks to write and produce, then it's probably just not worth it and you should go back to the drawing board and start again."

Watch the Alex Clare 'Too Close' Video