Excuse us while we grab a box of tissues and drown our sorrows in a bowl of Ben & Jerry's. Alex & Sierra released a new song, 'Bumper Cars,' and this one is a total tearjerker.

While their single 'Scarecrow' told the story of a complex relation, it was set to an upbeat, optimistic rhythm. 'Bumper Cars,' on the other hand, highlights the duo's breathy, beautiful vocals with dramatic piano chords.

So how do bumper cars fit in with the heartbreaking track? We'll let Alex and Sierra tell you in their own words.

"You and me, we're bumper cars / The more I try to get to you / The more we crash apart, no/ Round and round we chase the sparks / But all that seems to lead to .... / Is a pile of broken parts," they sing.

Yes, it's a crazy-emotional song, but that's one reason it's so great. It goes without saying that Alex & Sierra sounds incredible, but the lyrics add another layer to the track's poignant tone.

Listen to Alex & Sierra's 'Bumper Cars' above!