There's nothing we love more than a music video that takes place in a retirement home. While there's certainly a dearth of video representation when it comes to that particular setting -- at least as far as mainstream music is concerned -- if there's any artist we trust enough to make it work in some capacity, it's Alex Winston. The indie-pop singer just dropped the music video for her latest single "Careless," and, yes, she totally comes through on the old-folks-home-front.

Before you take everything we just said literally, we're mostly kidding -- the retirement home as a setting is neither here nor there on our list of must-haves in music videos. We've never really considered it as a main setting, to be totally honest. But we are serious when we say that Winston somehow makes it work. The music video for "Careless" proves that in all its bizarre glory.

She hangs out in a pool with a bunch of older men as they do their aquatic exercises, she is a looming presence amidst a few chess games, literally bearing down on one of the players with the full force of her weight. She sings onstage in a room, alone; she sprawls across the laps of four men, two of which are having a conversation amongst themselves. There's something creative and fun about the video that matches the uptempo, urgent nature of the track, which is why, either in spite of its weirdness or because of it, we love it so much.

"Careless" will be featured on Winston's upcoming sophomore album which is set to be released in the fall. In the meantime, you can check out the video for "Careless" above.