Alexandra Stan made a name for herself with her smash hit 'Mr. Saxobeat,' but now the Romanian singer is being accused of plagiarizing the chorus of her latest song, 'One Million.'

The rap group M&G is claiming that the 22 year old ripped off their track 'Milioane,' which boasts a repetitive chorus much like that of 'One Million.' Once Stan's new song, featuring rapper Carlprit, was unveiled, fans immediately drew a comparison between the two tunes.

According to Oh No They Didn't, M&G's Gabriel Cordeanu stated: "What can I say? In my opinion, yes, this is not a musical coincidence ... It sounds like an adaptation of our song. We are not interested in scandal, it is not like us, but we can't help noticing the choruses are almost identical, although the genre of music is different."

He continued, "Alexandra is a very popular girl and I see her song 'One Million' has about one million views on YouTube, so I guess we can only thank her for giving us some exposure. There is room for all markets of music. However, I want to mention that we started promoting our song on the internet four months earlier than her song came out."

'One Million' is featured on Stan's debut album, 'Saxobeats.' It was released on Stan's website and her label's YouTube channel earlier this year. Neither Stan nor her reps have commented on the matter.

Listen to Alexandra Stan's 'One Million'

Listen to M&G's 'Milioane'