Just when we thought we might've escaped the sob stories, 'The Voice' hit us hard with Alexis Marceaux.

The New Orleans, La. native had her home destroyed seven years ago when Hurricane Katrina hit. "It was the most traumatic thing I ever experienced," she said over video footage of her and her family returning to their home. "We lost our house entirely. We weren't able to salvage anything. I never talk about it. To describe losing everything you've ever had, it was extremely heartbreaking, but a lot of people lost their families and I'm so lucky to have mine."

In a blue dress, Marceaux's bangs skimmed the top of her glasses as she rocked out to 'Go Your Own Way' by Fleetwood Mac. "You have a lovely, impecable voice," said Cee Lo after he turned around. But unfortunately, he was the only one of the coaches to turn around.

"I'm really surprised I was the only one who turned around for her," he said after she left the stage. "She's got a really, really good voice." Adam, Christina, and Blake all agreed that she was a great singer, but never turned their chairs around.

But never fear, because Marceaux and Cee Lo will be the perfect match.