Alexz Johnson has performed on television and in movies, but her real passion is music, as you can see in a new performance of 'Skipping Stone,' a song from her EP of the same name. PopCrush is proud to present the exclusive premiere of the live video from the 25-year-old Canadian singer.

The video captures Johnson performing the emotional track with an acoustic guitarist and a drummer. Her vocals range from beautiful cooing to powerful wailing as she sings, "Never knew that you could just hold me hostage / I’m losing my cool / Through the pain somehow don’t want you to stop it / My heart’s beating better alone / And if it is broke why let you know / This heart’s not your skipping stone / If I’m sinking water than why even bother / Just leave it alone / This heart’s not your skipping stone."

Johnson told the Huffington Post, "I was in a relationship when I was writing this record, and I was really in love. It's interesting to see how vulnerable I was. I listen to the songs now, and they're so heartbreaking. It's like I knew, somewhere inside of me, that I was going to get my heart broken."

An accomplished actress who starred in teen shows 'So Weird' and 'Instant Star,' Johnson was offered a part on '90210' but turned it down to focus on her music. She was signed to Epic at one time but has since taken a grass-roots indie approach, resulting in the album 'Voodoo' and a handful of EPs and demo releases.

'Skipping Stone' is available now on iTunes , and Johnson will be hitting the road for a Kickstarter-funded U.S. tour later this year.

Watch Alexz Johnson's Live Performance of 'Skipping Stone'