Bad news for Alfonso Ribeiro fans. It looks like the former 'Fresh Prince' actor may not be able to return to 'Dancing With the Stars' due to another injury he suffered onset.

According to PEOPLE, Alfonso is currently under medical supervision after hurting his back on Wednesday (Nov. 12) in an attempt to make up for an earlier groin injury. He was allegedly not at rehearsals yesterday (Nov. 13) in order to undergo more medical tests to determine whether or not he is fit to compete in the upcoming episodes. The saddest part? He suffered his first injury while performing the Carlton -- an iconic dance very much made famous by him during his 'Fresh Prince' days.

Alfonso is clearly an audience favorite, not to mention the contestant most likely to win the whole competition. But if his injury is as bad as it seems, he won't get a chance to compete in the semi-finals.

We hope Alfonso feels better soon, and that he's able to return to the show good as new!