“Right now I’m actually finishing baking up the most incredible musical cake that you’ve ever eaten in your life.” Nope, that's not Paula Deen talking about a new recipe (though we’re positive the cake would be absolutely delicious) -- that would be Ms. Alicia Keys! The 'Empire State of Mind' songstress dishes up details on her upcoming album.

The 31-year-old singer and musician was recently interviewed by Downtown Julie Brown, just after her performance at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards with the one-and-only Stevie Wonder. During the interview, Keys appears to be beaming from having performed with the master of the piano and living legend, one that has influenced her tremendously (and continuously) throughout her life and career.

But it’s when she’s asked what’s next that the musician’s smile seems to double in size. Her excitement and anticipation for the release of her new album is evident, having not released any new material since 2009’s ‘The Element of Freedom.’ In 2011, we were delighted to be presented with a re-release of her debut album ‘Songs From a Minor,’ yet our ears are certainly ready for what this talented musician has coming from her genius-like fingers and soulful voice.

“It’s coming within the next couple of months," she added. "So we’re really putting all the final touches on it.” Back in April Keys debuted her song ‘Not Even a King’ at the MTV Upfront event. It’s certain that if the new album proves to be anything similar, we’re about to be introduced to one fantastic album.

She continued: “I am in a whole other zone. I’m really excited about this music. I can’t wait for you [the fans] to hear this music.”

Aside from focusing on her new album and being a mother and a wife, Keys has been dabbling in other projects -- falling in love particularly with producing films, television and Broadway. “I’m just in love,” she affirmed. Clearly!

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