Alicia Keys graced the stage of MTV Up Front, the music network's showcase of its summer television lineup. Accompanied only by a piano, Keys hit the keys and sang her heart out, treating the audience to a brand-new song from her upcoming (and as yet untitled) new album.

Keys was center stage and completely solo as she performed 'Not Even a King.' Her presence is refreshing and welcome in an era when spectacle often sacrifices sound in live shows. With a voice and talent like hers, Keys doesn't need smoke, mirrors or pyrotechnics.

That isn't to say Keys looked anything less than stunning. Donning bright red pants and a black leather jacket, the beautiful New York native looked every bit the bada-- as she performed the ballad, an interesting juxtaposition of toughness in the visual with the tenderness of the track.

Keys' sweet love song has themes reminiscent of her massive hit 'No One' with the piano-vocal simplicity of her breakout hit, 'Fallin'.' We bet husband Swizz Beatz and son Egypt feel warm and fuzzy inside when they hear her sing the warm lyrics, "I don't care what they bring, they can have everything / They can't afford what we got, not even a king."

Watch Alicia Keys Perform 'Not Even a King'