Alicia Keys appeared on 'Oprah's Master Class' this weekend, and some of the highlight clips and web exclusives have found their way online. So if you missed it, you can see the key -- make that "Keys" -- talking points.

In the clip, above, the 'Girl on Fire' speaks about what she has learned from the love of her life -- her husband, Swizz Beatz. "He is such an incredibly spontaneous, crazy, full of life person," she confessed. "He is bubbling over with life. Few of us are able to be that free to follow our light."

He taught her about being open to freedom and spontaneity, whereas she was always previously regimented. "That's not life, that's part of life," she said about being a planner. "Sometimes it unfolds and happens to you." True dat, girl (on fire).

In the clip below, she talks about her mentor Clive Davis, with whom she has a better relationship than, say, Kelly Clarkson! Keys admitted she got a sense of who he is when she saw the artists that covered his walls. Not just Whitney Houston, but Bruce Springsteen, Earth Wind and Fire and Janis Joplin. "He had a cool instinct, that he still has," she mused.

Keys also graduated at 16 and was valedictorian of a small performing arts high school. She was accepted to Columbia University and signed to Columbia Records. It was Columbia vs. Columbia, with the label winning. The hardest part of that decision was figuring out how to tell her mother, a paralegal who often gave her the third degree. "I took her to a loud place, where she couldn't hit me in front of all those people," Keys recalled with a laugh.

Her fashion don't? Do not wear fur and go on television, when you are cropped on TV, have a raccoon hanging out on the side of your neck.