Alicia Keys, aka the Girl on Fire, is igniting audiences and crowds with her Set the World on Fire Tour. That's a whole lotta heat, but this is A. Keys we're talking about. She tickles the ivories and belts melodies beautifully with that smoky, smoldering voice. The stage is merely kindling.

An Alicia Keys show is truly an event for her fans, and in honor of the singer's current tour, we've collected the 10 best videos from the Set the World on Fire jaunt. It makes us wish we there, taking in a show every single night, feeling the heat Keys gives off.

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    'Empire State of Mind' (New York, N.Y.)

    Keys' homecoming to the "concrete jungle where dreams are made of" took place at the World's Most Famous Arena. She hit Madison Square Garden in her native N.Y.C. and it was nothing short of epic. With collaborator Jay-Z flashed on the big screen via CGI, Keys' voice filled that room, which ain't easy to do. Watch her strut across that stage like she owns it.

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    'Girl on Fire' (Houston, Texas)

    It was hot in Houston as Keys got percussive while performing her latest definitive anthem, 'Girl on Fire,' in the Lone Star State. Check out that booty, too! If you've not seen her perform new material live yet, live vicariously through this footage.

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    'Tears Always Win' (Las Vegas, Nev.)

    Keys got mellow at the Las Vegas stop of her tour, performing the newer single 'Tears Always Win.' It was throwback-y and sultry, proving Keys is a vocalist for all generations. We love the hat, BTW.

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    'Poetic Justice' (Los Angeles, Calif.)

    It was on in Los Angeles when Keys invited rapper Kendrick Lamar, one of the most celebrated up-and-comers of his generation, onto the stage for a rendition of his cut 'Poetic Justice.' Keys may be largely known as an R&B singer, but girl can hang and get hood. Her angelic vocals added a layer of softness to this live version.

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    'Fallin'' (Vancouver, BC)

    At the Vancouver stop, we fell in love with Keys all over again as she belted out her biggest and most signature hit 'Fallin'.' Her voice soared and reached the heavens, proving that she is authentic and organic. What you hear is what you get -- there is no studio trickery creating that voice. It's all her.

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    'No One' (Toronto, Ont.)

    No one can make us feel the way Alicia Keys does when she opens that mouth and runs her fingers across those piano keys. Watch this clip from Toronto and let her voice wash over your. We promise you'll feel the finest hairs on your arms standing on end.

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    'Like You'll Never See Me Again' (Vancouver, B.C.)

    With ballerina Alicia Graf Mack accompanying her and providing the visual, it was a full sensory assault when Keys belted out her ballad 'Like You'll Never See Me Again' in Vancouver. Lovely. Just lovely.

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    'The Fire We Make' (New York, N.Y.)

    You'll feel the mercury rise and flames licking your body as you watch Keys and R&B crooner Maxwell team up for their duet 'The Fire We Make' at MSG in N.Y.C. If you can get past the fan chatter and cheers -- and we use those terms loosely -- you can fully indulge in this crackling version. Keep an ice cold glass of H2O nearby, though.

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    'Karma' (Toronto, Ont.)

    This clip is of particular interest for the visuals, which take you on a simulated ride through what looks like N.Y.C. It's also epic and full of mystique and suspense.

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    '101' (Tampa, Fla.)

    If you ever wanted to just lose yourself in Keys' voice, her Tampa, Fla., performance of '101' will certainly allow you to do that. It's all about her haunting vocals and that lulled piano melody.