Alicia Keys videos are incredibly easy on the eyes, especially since the singer has a face as pretty as her soulful voice.

We love so many of Alicia Keys' music videos, since we get to see her visage, check out her constantly evolving personal style, watch her tickle the ivories and act as the main character, as well. She always keeps us interested in her visuals, and has proven to be a rather solid actress in her musical clips.

To celebrate the piano woman and her impressive list of music videos, we've rounded up our picks for Top 10 Alicia Keys Videos from the whole of her career. Start checking them out by clicking through below.

Calling All Alicia Keys Fans!

Alicia Keys is currently on her Set the World on Fire tour and wants to get to know her fans in every city. She is asking fans to send in photos of themselves in their cities, and with those photos, she’ll create a new music video to be played at every city stop on her tour. To submit your photos to the ‘Your City Your Video’ project, go here. The next deadline for photo submissions for Keys’ tour date in Lisbon is Monday, June 17. The submission period for dates prior to that has closed.