Wanna be part of Alicia Keys' 'Illuminate Me' video? Or rather, her world tour? Well, you can, thanks to her new 'Your City, Your Video' project, part of the BlackBerry® Keep Moving project.

While on her worldwide tour with Miguel, Alicia hopes to engage with fans and local peeps at all the tour stops. All she asks is for fans to submit pics of themselves, which will be featured in a music video collage during her performance of 'Hallelujah' in each of the cities. Easy enough, right?

But get this, each city she tours to will have a different video, tailored to the people, the energy and the landmarks. The photos for each video will be hand picked by Alicia and her team.

Alicia Keys says about the project: “With [the fans'] help, we’re going to create a really amazing music video that will show the world what’s possible when your imagination and BlackBerry’s innovative platform collide.”

To enter and submit photos, go here. Deadlines to submit photos to the ‘Your City, Your Video’ project for each of the cities are as follows:

March 18: Atlanta, Greensboro, Toronto, Montreal
March 25: Brooklyn, Mashantucket, Boston
April 1: Atlantic City, Washington D.C., Detroit
April 8: Chicago; Nassau, Bahamas
May 6: Liverpool, Newcastle, Belfast
May 13: Dublin, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham
May 20: London, Luxembourg, Frankfurt
May 27: Cologne, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg
June 3: Prague, Vienna, Zurich, Munich, Lyon
June 10: Torino, Italy; Monaco, Marseilles, Paris
June 17: Lisbon