Alison Brie (TV's 'Community')  and Jennifer Lawrence in a television show together?

It almost happened back in 2007 when Brie and Lawrence appeared together in a pilot for a television show called 'Not Another High School Show.' The pilot was shot and shopped around, but no network picked it up.

Lucky for us, however, Just Jared has discovered that a clip from the dead project has found its way onto the Internet.

From the creators of the 2001 spoof comedy 'Not Another Teen Movie,' 'Not Another High School Show' was set to parody high school teen and films. Brie appears in a sketch lampooning 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' called 'Muffy the Vampire Slayer.' We then see a young JLaw make a brief appearance in the hallway of the school in which it takes place.

Even the show never made it on air, we think things turned out pretty well for Brie and Lawrence. Brie later went on to star in 'Community,' which was picked up for a sixth season to air on Yahoo! in 2015, while Lawrence became, well, Lawrence.

Click on the video above to watch what could have been.