The new All-American Rejects album that singer Tyson Ritter claims can "save" listeners is going to be called 'Kids in the Street.' The title was revealed in a new YouTube video (via Idolator) today.

The album will be released in spring 2012, with a more specific release date yet to be nailed down.  The new clip is cinematic in nature and features shots from the lives of band members and various kids, with a new song playing over the action.

As the video ends, a link is shown promoting the group's new Tumblr page Burn Both Ends, a site that invites listeners to "submit your favorite moments in life. Paintings, photos, videos, interpretive dances, whatever expresses who you are, will do. Show us anything you can that captures a moment in your life or reflection on your life."

Ritter previously said that 'Kids in the Street' is more personal than the band's earlier albums. "Everything on this record happened, and so it’s sort of this crazy autobiographical picture, and I’m just really excited about it,” he said. “It’s tough to put into words when something that defines your existence is getting ready to be sent out into the world.”

Watch the All-American Rejects 'Kids in the Street' Album Preview