If we're keeping it 💯, the All Saints re-re-comeback hasn't exactly set the entire world ablaze, which is unfortunate — but that doesn't mean the new music hasn't been consistently brilliant.

After kicking off their Red Flag campaign with the lush return-to-form of "One Strike," the foursome followed up their striking (eh heh) lead with their rallying don't-mess-with-my-man battle cry, "One Woman Man." And yesterday (April 1), while you were busy dodging brands and their corny April Fool's Day jokes, the girls delivered their third solid serving from the upcoming record in the form of "This Is A War."

Between reacting to a crippling blow in "One Strike" and vowing to be victorious in the battle over a beau on "One Woman Man," everything we've heard from Red Flag so far indicates an emotional war (also known a Love Fight, per Dannii Minogue), and this latest offering certainly reinforces the symbolism.

Lifted up by a gorgeous intro of cinematic strings and heavenly harmonies, the song is perhaps the most awe-inspiring track from the record from a production standpoint — and the message is especially powerful.

"If I gotta fight for the right to be loved and to love, this is a war / If we can't be free, you and me, to be loved and to love, then what is this for?" the Saints question in unison.

The song's about a rebellious kind of love ("You a little tragic, me a little bold / Dangerous, ecstatic, we couldn't be told"), but at the same time, it could also be easily interpreted as the women standing their ground in the fight for equality. LGBTQ warriors!

They're officially three for three. Listen to "This Is A War" above, and for the love of all things quality girl group pop, make sure to grab their record, Red Flag, on April 8.