Canadian pop artist Allie X has been hard at work on the follow-up to her debut release, 2015's CollXtion I. And while there's no official release date for a Part II yet, Allie X did drop a brand new synth-pop track called “Old Habits Die Hard,” and it serves as a fitting introduction to a new era.

“‘Old Habits Die Hard’ is an expression of this action: laughing at your own weakness as it seduces you one more time,” she explained through a press release via Idolator. “It’s a cruel reality when you believe you’ve overcome an addiction, just to find that it still has you by the throat. I tried to keep the language of the lyric conversational, because ‘old habits die hard,’ the saying itself, has a jest in its undertone (like so many idioms do) that seems to justify/celebrate that self destructive moment when you just…give up."

Allie X is currently opening for Troye Sivan on a six-date North American tour that'll conclude on February 12th at Los Angeles club The Belaso. The two first formed a friendship through Twitter, which led to a musical collaboration in the form of a track called “Bite."

“I adore Troye Sivan, I think he’s so refreshing and so smart. I believe that artists like him are changing the way the music industry is going to work,” she said in an interview with Idolator. “To speak to the song we did together, there are many and one is on his EP, it’s called ‘Bite.’ I think it’s the second track. And the inspiration for that song was imagining going into a bath house for the first time and what that might be like.”

Listen to the insanely catchy "Old Habits Die Hard" via SoundCloud above.

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