Allstar Weekend has teamed up with in order to bring fans an inside look into their life on the road as touring musicians. In the quartet's most recent tour video, the guys can be seen snapping pics with their fans, performing, hanging on the bus, and opening some "very merry un-birthday" presents.

The tour video opens with Allstar Weekend singer Zach Porter nailing the camera with some silly string. After Porter's silly string onslaught, which continues for quite some time, the footage cuts to the guys posing for photos with fans, performing their hits like 'Not Your Birthday,' and joking around on their tour bus.

In one part of the tour video, the guys are seen unwrapping some gifts. Some were on the nicer and more thoughtful side, like a homemade tie-dyed T-shirt. However, some of the presents were much stranger, like some fried chicken wrapped in tissue paper (thanks to Michael Martinez, who has been "taking chicken since '89") and a few dollar bills for Cameron Quiseng.

You can catch Allstar Weekend on tour this summer with Selena Gomez and the Scene. Click here to check out all of Allstar Weekend's upcoming tour dates so you can get your party on with the goofy and very dreamy pop band.

Watch the Allstar Weekend Tour Video