This might be one of the smaller polls in our Ultimate PopCrush Music Festival of 2013, with only five Alt Rock Acts vying for a spot on the lineup, but each of these bands packs a major punch. So, who will round out the sounds at your dream festival by providing a much-needed dose of "rock?" There are nominees from all spectrums of the genre, so it's really up to your own personal taste!

First up, we've got some heavier sounds from 30 Seconds to Mars, who are back on the music grind with the release of their fourth studio album 'Love Lust Faith + Dreams.' They'd be sure to bring an anthemic dose of hard rock, with riveting, newer sing-alongs like 'Up in the Air' and classic 30STM songs like 'Yesterday.'

Next up are Fall Out Boy and Green Day, both veteran pop-punkers, but with very different vibes and very different music.  Fall Out Boy allow us to get our moodiness out on a daily basis (they sing about heartache and loneliness on the reg), but in a much more pop-friendly way, thanks to Patrick Stump's wonderfully infectious vocals and Pete Wentz's catchy and unique style of songwriting.

Meanwhile, Green Day are more rough-around-the-edges, with their in-your-face attitude, fast-paced songs, and weighty lyrics, which span from political satire, epic narrations on growing up, and lamenting a family member who's passed on. The trio has so much material to choose from, with a career that has spanned longer than two decades, their set list would be probably be jam-packed with GD gems.

Imagine Dragons are also in the race for the Alt Rock Act slot in the Ultimate PopCrush Music Festival of 2013, and they could very well snag this distinction with all of the attention they've been receiving lately. The band has a very distinct sound, but all of their songs are pretty epic, like 'Radioactive' and 'It's Time.'

Then we've got Paramore closing it all out. Although they are now a trio, Hayley Williams, Jeremy David and Taylor York are rocking harder than ever in 2013. The band just released their self-titled album, and the wailings of Williams in addition to the band's sharp delivery makes singles like 'Now' and 'Still Into You' must-listens.

So, which deserves the Alt Rock Act spot in the Ultimate PopCrush Music Festival of 2013? Vote below, and remember that you can vote once per hour until the poll closes on Wednesday, July 31 at 12PM ET.