Is it worth it? Let Alyson Stoner work it!

An all-grown-up (because kids tend to do that) Alyson Stoner -- yes, "the girl from the Missy Elliott videos" -- recently filmed the most killer dance routine to Missy Elliott's "Work It" vid and it slays all over the place.

Stoner, as fans will remember, starred as the little badass breakdancer in Missy's original "Work It" vid (which you can check out here). And as it turns out, she's even more badass as an adult, workin' it approximately everywhere in her beyond epic Missy tribute vid.

The beginning of the vid starts out with a mini Alyson Stoner lookalike who quickly passes the metaphorical baton to the real Alyson Stoner, who, of course, is dressed head-to-toe in a red adidas tracksuit -- one of Missy Elliott's hallmarks. And if you thought the triple-threat was crazy talented as a kid, just wait until you see her in action in 2015: Girl can work. it. out. (Seriously, it's a Friday necessity that you peep her killer dance moves in the video above.)

While most of the internet refers to Stoner as "the girl from the Missy Elliott videos," we remember her as one havoc-wreaking twin in Cheaper by the Dozen and Sally from Mike's Super Short Show on the Disney Channel. Plus, she's been making killer videos on YouTube for years and has a singing career. Stoner's Missy tribute vid has already racked up over 3 million views, so we hope that'll totally launch her adult career into superstardom. And now that Missy Elliott's making a comeback, maybe she'll ask Alyson Stoner to break it down in an upcoming video, because that needs to happen immediately.

Watch Alyson Stoner's epic Missy Elliott tribute video above.

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