In what appears to be a never-ending discussion of Kim Kardashian’s racy nude photos -- released earlier this week by Paper magazine -- Alyssa Milano decided to chime in on the vastly different reactions garnered by Kim's photos versus the criticism she received for some recent images she posted on Instagram.

The former ‘Charmed’ actress took to Twitter to express her disappointment at the reactions between Kim’s provocative photos and her own barely bare-chested pictures (you can see that tweet posted above). The difference? Alyssa was simply breastfeeding her baby in hers, and she remains fully clothed. You can see that photo here.

Both images were meant to serve completely different purposes, but Alyssa received an enormous amount of backlash for her photos. Considering the fact that there’s absolutely nothing sexual about breastfeeding, we aren’t quite sure why people were up in arms over something so inoffensive. To be fair, Kim has also received backlash for her photos, most notably from Naya Rivera who believes Kim's maternal status should render her a never-nude.

However, Alyssa ended on a positive note, saying, via Twitter, of Kim’s photos: "I really is an unbelievable a—.'

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