Things are looking up for Amanda Bynes. While a judge reportedly extended her conservatorship, the actress is "doing well," her lawyer told PEOPLE.

The magazine reports that a judge extended the conservatorship until a hearing on June 23. Her parents, Lynn and Rick Bynes, are currently in control of the troubled star's finances and medical needs.

Bynes was also facing probation violation charges for driving under the influence in September 2014, but that case was dismissed. (The former Nickelodeon star was placed on three years' probation after her first DUI, which occurred in 2012. The actress completed an inpatient rehab program instead of serving time in jail for that DUI.)

A source told the magazine that Bynes "is doing much better from where she was months ago. She has her own apartment and is much happier. She and her parents are getting along and Amanda is clear-headed, more focused and has more independence."

Bynes was released from a psychiatric facility in late October, where she was held involuntarily just 20 days. The actress was admitted to the facility after a string of worrisome incidents, including dancing erratically in a clothing store, multiple shoplifting accusations, incoherent Twitter rants and even disturbing accusations that her father had molested her as a child.

The Easy A actress has had a troubling past few years. She was originally placed on a psychiatric hold in July 2013 after starting a fire in someone's driveway -- the culmination of incidents that included an arrest for throwing a bong out of a window and multiple driving-related mishaps. After being released in December 2013, Bynes seemed to be doing better until her arrest for DUI in September 2014.

We're glad to hear that the actress is currently doing well.

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