Social media stars can navigate the Internet's highways like seasoned pros, but will the crowded streets of Tokyo or the Andes' harrowing paths knock them off course?

According to E! News, the next and 28th season of The Amazing Race—which challenges teams of two to travel around the world for a huge prizewill include YouTubers, Viners and social media's most memorable personalities, exclusively, as contestants. And while the full roster is still largely a secret, the site has confirmed that Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl—who produce the Psychobabble podcast together—will compete. Together, Oakley and Kuhl have nearly five-million Twitter followers, and they let each of 'em know they're leaving TODAY.

"today i leave to compete on with my bestie !! if you spot us in your country, say hey!" Oakley tweeted after the announcement while Kuhl noted "this is not a drill!! BYEEEEE!!!"

The site says there will be nine additional teams hoping to land the grand prize of $1 million. And where will the starting line land? Also top secret, but we'll soon find out, as host Phil Keoghan has plans to livestream the kickoff.

The show will air in 2016.

While teams are typically comprised of contestants with existing relationships—friends, couples or co-workers—he show's most recent winners, Laura Pierson and Tyler Adams, didn't meet until the first day of Season 26's production. Season 27, which is currently airing, has six remaining teams.

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