When Amber Rose announced that she was recording new music, many people, including us, were a little skeptical. Today (Dec. 10), the Philadelphia native made her singing debut with her new single called 'Fame' featuring her boo, Wiz Khalifa.

After repeat listens, we honestly have to say, it's a pretty good song. First, Rose is clearly no Beyonce, but she does have some vocal chops. With a little more artist development (and some vocal training) she could actually do well as a recording artist.

'Fame' is Rose's reflective song about the woes of being a famous celebrity. The track begins with a goofy journalist named Hector Hator (get it, "hater") who congratulates the blond bombshell on her new song but turns around and disses her behind her back. "We are sure it's going to be number one," he teases. "Oh my God, I can't even say that with a straight face. I'm sure it's going to be horrible."

Amber then comes in and contemplates about her troublesome life. "Can't shop for clothes or buy some cigs /
Without paparazzi waiting for a flick / This is a new situation / Now you're an overnight sensation
," she sings with a hint of AutoTune.

Wizzy chimes in with a verse to give the song it's star power. "Now you're busting out, doing your thing / In your face, cussin' them out / Brag 'cause you're the one that they fuss about / You's a bad little mother shut your mouth, 'cause…" he raps. "You're not ready / You're not ready for the fame," Amber follows on the chorus.

Rose's 'Fame' is a fun dance song that could garner major spins on radio. It would be interesting to see where this newfound career path takes her. Rose is clearly ready for the 'Fame' but are we ready for it?

Listen to Amber Rose, 'Fame' Feat. Wiz Khalifa