Meet A*M*E, a 17-year-old U.K. performer with a catchy song and an even more addicting music video for 'Play the Game Boy,' which sounds like a reference to an old portable Nintendo device but is more of an invitation to any guys who want to try to keep up with her on the dance floor.

The clip seems to be inspired by the bright colors and silly shenanigans of K-Pop videos. A*M*E struts her stuff with four Asian dancers with blue hair who match her moves in front of pink and purple backdrops. She sits on a couch with balloons spelling out her name, poses for fake paparazzi, and even mentions Madonna and throws in a 'Vogue' for good measure.

The clip begins with the dancers opening a huge box that contains A*M*E stuffed in packing peanuts. They remove the singer and she immediately begins doing her thing. The box seems like a metaphor for her career, since this video will be her introduction to most of the pop music world.

Oh, and did we mention that the synth-heavy dance song is impossible to get out of our heads? "I'm gonna dance until the break of dawn / And feel the rhythm as the beat goes on," she promises.

A*M*E is signed to Universal, so expect lots of promotion for this and future videos. Born in Sierra Leone and now a resident of South London, the teen is a huge fan of both boy bands and K-Pop. She writes her own material, telling Beat Juice, "I don't see how you can perform songs you can't relate to."