Episode seven of 'American Horror Story: Coven,' aptly titled 'The Dead,' should have been called 'Waking Up,' since most characters are coming to realizations about themselves and each other. Reality is hitting everyone in the face, Fiona's secret is out, Zoe is working her magic and Queenie is finding where she is may not be where she belongs.

The episode opens with Kyle hanging out with his fraternity brothers in a tattoo parlor. While they are all getting their marks of manhood, from Chinese symbols that supposedly mean ‘beginning and end’ to a shamrock to show that ‘luck of the Irish,’ our man Kyle says he won’t tat up because he wants to be someone better, an engineer actually, to make sure the catastrophe of Katrina doesn’t happen again. He wants to be taken seriously as an engineer someday, and he can’t do that with a foolish tattoo.

Unfortunately for him, the flashback ends, and he finds the mistakes his frat brothers made are now his own. Funny how being resurrected with your friends' body parts can do that. Little miss Maybe Supreme sees her man suffering and in her compassion believes she holds the answer behind her back, in a not yet smoking gun.

Madison has made her triumphant return and finds that being in the recently resurrected club has its flaws, most important of which is feeling, or lack thereof. Cordelia wakes to hear from her husband who wants to come home. Her new power doesn’t reach through phone lines, so she didn’t see he is ready to fulfill his witch-killing destiny with an impressive layout of firepower at his feet (and with twinkling tears in his eyes). When Cordelia gets up to find Delphine, she is saved by the supposed-to-be-in-hiding Madison, and upon touching her finds the truth: Fiona killed Madison.

Delphine was MIA because she was with Queenie enjoying some drive-thru burgers, fries and strawberry shakes with a side of world wisdom. Delphine tells Queenie she will never fit in because she is "black as coal," and Queenie may believe her. We catch Fiona with the Axeman at a little apartment full of jazz life, a cockroach and not much else, if you don’t count the dead man curled up in his own blood in the tub. Fiona and the Axeman share a tender moment where she confesses she has been a terrible woman, terrible wife and terrible mother. When the Axeman tells her about how well he can use his hands, they step into a sex and jazz music montage.

Zoe, meanwhile, is trying to teach Kyle how to communicate again now that she knows she doesn’t want to kill him or keep him shackled like a pet minotaur. Too soon? She leaves Kyle with Madison, where they share a touching moment of understanding the troubles of being brought back from the dead. Cordelia speaks with Zoe and tells her that she is in danger and needs to watch herself around Fiona, the Supreme that is losing her life-force and looking for a way to reclaim in. Cordelia tells Zoe that she may be next, and that it is time to "kill her once, kill her good, kill her dead." Poor Zoe, now fearing for her life, returns to her pet Kyle only to find him deep in Madison, enjoying some recently resurrected sex.

Fiona and the Axeman have another tender loving moment where he calls her weak, and she says she’s called the cops. He tells her he knows her secrets, her dreams, her everything. The Axeman had been watching over Fiona since she was a child, like his own daughter. He protected her and watched her grow into the fierce woman she is today and fell in love with her, "not like a father but like a man."

Zoe continues to test the limits of her powers, which don’t seem to have limits right now, and nobly returns Spalding his tongue. Now he can’t lie, and can only speak the truth. She wants to hear it from him that Fiona killed Madison, and he has to admit that it was the one and only Fiona. And with his admittance, Zoe does the only human thing she could: She kills him.

Queenie visits the Voodoo Queen and finds that she may have more of a home there than she realized. The Voodoo Queen tells her that Delphine is more of a monster than she may believe, and dares her to ask Delphine what evils she has done. With a place within the Voodoo kingdom at stake and promise of power beyond imagination if she delivers Delphine, Queenie brings it upon herself to find out just how bad Delphine is. She finds out the only thing Delphine feels a little bad about, which is killing her servant's baby -- of course, a child born from her husband -- and using that baby's blood in her “youth treatments.” The mother killed herself, and Queenie finds out exactly what kind of a woman Delphine really was and is left wondering if someone so evil can really change.

Fiona has a mental breakdown from loosing her hair and decides it may be time to just shave it off, taking a pair of clippers to her head, and then, realizing how terrible she would look bald, puts it down. Back at the house, Zoe showers off Spalding’s blood and finds Madison creeping behind the shower curtain. She explains that she cares for Kyle too much to give him up so they decide to share him, ending in a scene equipped with a towel drop and a threesome. Queenie delivers Delphine, who is locked up in her own house of horrors at the Voodoo Queens. Delphine’s punishment? Getting cut by Queenie and being the sacrifice for a blood treatment, thus giving the Voodoo Queen a facial with a gorgeous bright red effect.