'American Horror Story: Coven' is about to air its final episode. Aptly titled 'The Seven Wonders,' this last take will set the record straight on who will be the next Supreme. There aren’t many women to consider for this honor; the number of witches is quickly dwindling because of witch hunters, witches killing witches and Papa Legba. We could probably include natural disasters, but everything we’ve seen has fallen into these three categories.

Some of our contestants, of course, have been literally resurrected -- see Misty and Madison. Zoe and Queenie have faced death but haven’t fallen yet, and Cordelia just stabbed herself in the eyes to fully step into her place as a leader of the coven. These ladies sure know how to party.

With Fiona gone (remember, she was killed by her lover, the Axe Man), the only way the coven can move forward is by announcing the new Supreme. To do so they have decided to test each witch on the Seven Wonders. In last week’s episode, we found out exactly what they are: concilium (mind control), transmutation (teleportation), resurgence (resurrection), clairvoyance (divination), descensum (out of body experience), pyrokenisis (fire starter) and telekinesis (mind over matter). All this means is that whoever rises to take Fiona’s place has got to be powerful. Real powerful.

With that said, it is difficult to pick out the next Supreme by the Seven Wonders alone, since each witch has experienced a surge and growth in power. When we first met the young witches of Miss Robichaux’s Academy, each had just one power to their name. Let’s break down what we know, girl by girl, and get the competition started for America’s Next Supreme.



First up is Zoe, our first introduction to the coven. When we met Zoe her gift was stealing the life out of people from her snatch. Sexy stuff. She graduated to just knowing which book and page to look at to releasing the Axe Man (clairvoyance), bringing Kyle back to life (resurgence), plunging a knife into said Axe Man’s chest with her mind (telekinesis) and putting an end to Laveau’s zombie curse. Even the Voodoo Queen had to face that there was some big power brewing up in the coven. Sure, she could be the next Supreme. As of now she has demonstrated three out of the Seven Wonders, with a few extra powers to boot. She is the character we most expect, but 'American Horror Story' always finds a way to surprise us in the end. Could she be the one?

Zoe is sweet, sure, and she can be ruthless -- but she doesn’t own it. She hides behind her kind face and Kyle instead of pushing her powers to the limit. A Supreme has got to be more than a pretty face, and she hasn’t exactly proven that yet.



How about Madison? The witch gets a capital B for being a bored movie star with growing power that just needed to be killed. Before Fiona did her in, Madison was the most promising candidate. Her first power was telekinesis, and after a night out with Fiona, she was able to compel and had recently burned the neighbors curtains to a crisp. Her need to show off got her killed, and good ‘ol Misty brought her back -- and she came back as needy as ever. She showed off her teleportation skills trying to evade Cordelia’s magic touch and possibly brought someone back from the dead. We're not sure we should count that one, since the guy in the coffin could have been compelled just as the cemetery workers were to finish Misty off with bricks and grout.

Madison has the attitude and need for attention that Fiona had, but that need’s done her in once. Will it foil her chance to be the Supreme again? She’s got five out of the Seven Wonders down, if you count the graveyard resurrection, but it isn’t enough. Can she pull a Nan and master clairvoyance and survive a trip to the beyond without staying there? Though some of us hope she fails in descensum, she may surprise us all and take the throne as Fiona No. 2. She is the complete opposite of what the coven needs, but power speaks louder than action in this case.



Of course, Madison would have to get through Misty Day the swamp witch to get to the top. Sure, they have had their differences -- Madison buried Misty alive, and Misty punched the lights out of her, country girl-style -- but you can’t deny their power. Misty is known as the witch not only powerful enough to resurrect those departed, but able to bring herself back from the dead. That isn’t only resurgence, but descensum, since she went to the afterlife and made her way back. Telekinesis reigns its shiny head when she uses her mind to stab the Axe Man and get rid of him once and for all with the rest of the contestants.

With three of the Seven Wonders under her belt, Misty is still a top contender. How hard can pyrokenisis and divination be? With Stevie Nicks by her side, Misty could be capable of anything. She has shown herself to be resourceful and doesn’t just rely on her powers to set the record straight. A Supreme that can rule without threatening use of power would be a nice change.



And what about Queenie? The human voodoo doll, Queenie is able to inflict pain and harm unto others by doing so to herself. From frying her hand to blowing her brains out, she has got that gift down. Regarding the Seven Wonders, she has displayed four that we know of. She recently practiced descensum by visiting Papa Legba in purgatory, clairvoyance when she witnessed the bodily breakdown of Laveau, telekinesis to pull out Misty’s coffin and resurgence to bring her back from the dead.

On the negative side, Queenie left the coven to do some voodoo with the big queen herself. We can’t blame her -- it’s a chance of a lifetime. Nevertheless, being a Supreme isn’t only about power. It’s also about sacrifice, something that Fiona knew all too well. Queenie has been out to prove herself, and with her witch and voodoo powers combined she could be just what the coven needs. Ending the war between voodoo and witches would be a nice bonus.



Madison may look like she leads the pack at five out of seven, but Misty and Queenie are right behind her with four, and our lover girl Zoe brings it in at three. And then there is Cordelia. Her first and only power has been that of clairvoyance, her gift of sight, which has only grown the second time around. When we first met Cordelia, she was all potions and plants. Living under Fiona’s powerful shadow would be enough to stunt any child’s growth, physical or witch related, and it is only by putting the coven first that she has exercised and expanded her power.

A big part of being a Supreme is doing what must be done for the sake of the coven. We saw that when we were first introduced to the Seven Wonders, when a Supreme sacrificed herself so another could emerge and lead the coven to safety during the witch trials. With Fiona dead (for now), Cordelia may finally come into her own as the bright new leader of Miss Robichaux’s Academy, the coven and all witches everywhere. It’s a shame she won’t be able to see it with her own eyes -- though, as a Supreme, she could probably fix that right up.

So, Who Is the Next Supreme?

Though Queenie and Misty would be excellent fits, the crown should go to Cordelia. She is what the coven needs. She has the ruthlessness of her mother when it comes to protecting the coven, a dedication to the girls rivaled by no other and a wealth of knowledge to help prepare the next generation of witches. She would be the perfect poster witch to really educate and teach the girls, unite them and make them stronger. Our vote is for Cordelia, though at the end of the day, it all comes down to what Ryan Murphy wants -- and from day one, it’s been Zoe. The season has built her up, and it isn’t about to tear her down.

No matter what the outcome, one thing's for sure: This last episode is a battleground and the next Supreme will likely surprise us all. That’s just how 'American Horror Story' rolls.