Episode 9 of 'American Horror Story: Coven' opens with a a flashback to 1991, a beautiful sight with a father and son camping in the woods. Dad brought his little man out for some hunting, telling him not to worry about his nerves. His family had been hunters for generations, but what they were after wasn’t ordinary game -- it was witches. Poor Mr. Foxx, first times are always the hardest.

Fiona goes to the hood to find the Voodoo Queen in search for an alliance. She feels the recent events with the witch hunters is a concern for them all. What Fiona doesn’t know is that Laveau is behind it all. What Ms. Laveau, the Voodoo Queen, fails to understand is that Fiona will stop at nothing to help her coven, and as we saw in the last episode like mother like daughter.

Speaking of Cordelia, she is dealing with her blindness like a trooper with Aunty Myrtle ready to help her at each fall. Myrtle revisits the moment she met Cordelia, the moment she became a mother to her, expressing she’d “pull her own eyes out” if it could return her her sight. Seems she is determined, and such fierce determination goes a long way.

Hank arrives at Delphi Trust, a financial corporation shielding a witch hunting society that is headed by his father. His father is unhappy with the progress, or lack thereof, that has been done in New Orleans. Apparently, Hank was supposed to be the “man on the inside,” living it up married style with Cordelia in the coven and should have kept to his orders instead of aligning with the Voodoo Queen. All Hank has done in his father’s eyes is fall, again and again. When he finds out that Delphi Trust was responsible for blinding Cordelia, we see Hank may have a deeper love and allegiance to his wife than to his father and their families history as witch hunters.

Back to Ms. Myrtle. She brings the council back together and they, of course, are supremely apologetic for, you know, burning her at the stake. No biggie. Myrtle makes it her cause to speak up for Misty and the great power she holds within her and keeps hidden away, living in the swamps like a hippy girl. “Power, compassion and uniqueness” are the words Myrtle uses to describe Misty, words the council swallows along with monkshood which makes them the equivalent of human statues. To what purpose you ask? Not only to give them an earful about how terrible they were, but also to melon ball their eyes out. With that, Myrtle gives Cordelia the greatest gift a mother could give - life through sight, and gets rid of the council in the process. Win win for her! However, Cordelia’s vision came at the price of her gift of sight. A gift that she may not have been ready to pass up.

Back to Delphine and Queenie. Instead of burning her like Laveau told her to, Queenie takes it upon herself to educate Delphine by making her watch Roots. She puts together a sweet movie marathon where Delphine can’t dig into the snacks because, well, she’s just a head. So all she can do is watch, or listen, to the movie marathon without being able to munch on popcorn. Sad.

Now that Laveau knows Mr. Hank the witch hunter hasn’t been doing his job very well, he is paid a visit by her voodoo doll magic (nope, she doesn’t use Queenie for this one) to toss him around and break some bones in relation to his broken promises. Laveau tells him the witches all die or he dies. His choice. Very poetic.

Though Cordelia is down she isn’t defeated, and finds herself teaching Misty the tricks of the witchy trade. Hank comes back to Cordelia, spilling his heart out and getting a divorce in return. On his way to pick up the rest of his stuff, yeah she threw him out, he is met with Fiona and a new attack dog who keeps Hank back and takes Fiona to Kyle, the other pet of the house. Sadly Kyle kills it. Apparently there can only be one pet in the house.

The b-itchy witchy trio comprised of Madison, Nan and Zoe go visit Luke in the hospital after the shooting. All Nan wants to do is help, and speaking on behalf of Luke is the way to do it. She bonds with Luke’s mom, who sees her now as a “gift” instead of the devils advocate. Later on Luke, through Nan, tells his mother that he is speaking to God and that God told him his mother had a hand in his fathers death. Stuck in a coma, all they can do is wait for Luke to wake up. Once he does, claiming his mother killed his father, she hushes him to sleep with sweet words and a pillow over his head.

As Hank prepares his guns for a massacre, the girls return home to find Fiona and Kyle playing cards like nothing was amiss. Seems Fiona was able to help put Kyle back together making him the new attack dog of the coven. Back at the salon, Queenie is still on a mission to change Delphine and for the first time this season there is a flicker of hope that maybe she is changing. With a burst of the door, Hanks allegiance is to his wife is cemented when he attacks the Voodoo Queens headquarters. Queenie ends up taking Hank out but shooting herself in the head before he can shoot Laveau. The shooting cost the lives of everyone between those walls except for the Queen herself (maybe Queenie, we don't know if she is actually dead) and Delphine (if you can count her).

We are left with Fiona answering the door for none other than the Voodoo Queen herself. There may be an alliance in the making, because the only way they will survive is working together. Delphi Trust won’t go down quietly, and now that their prince has been lost, there is no telling what a witch hunting father will do to avenge his son.