Episode 10 of 'American Horror Story: Coven' opens with Fiona and Laveau working together, as equals. The Voodoo Queen just saw everyone she loved massacred by the hands of Hank, recently minted witch hunter.

Fiona gives Laveau a potion to help her sleep, but she is awoken by a shadow man with bright red eyes demanding payment for a deal made long ago. Laveau pleads with him, telling him she seeks a lasting truce with the coven. However, she ends up in the maternity ward and steals a child. Once the alarms go off, she is met with security guards that tell her she can’t leave with the baby. With white eyes and an attitude, the men fall to the ground and she walks off, babe in arms.

Cordelia thinks that Hank’s actions are her fault, but the Laveau admits she is the one that hired Hank, the witch hunter, to take the coven out. Of course this is news to Fiona, and she reacts by shockingly slapping Cordelia for bringing that “viper” into their “sacred house.” And since witch hunters don’t act alone, and they are all part of a secret order going back generations to purge the world of both black and white witches, Fiona is done playing games and wants to go after the order itself.

That’s when she meets up with Misty, who continues to question Fiona and her motives at every turn. Rightly so; she did kill Madison for possibly being the next Supreme. Fiona tries to convince Misty that being the Supreme is something to be coveted, a position of power and influence. To do so she brings in the big guns, also known as the white witch, Stevie Nicks! Her voice has a calming affect on all of the girls, and as Misty’s idol, her presence gets her twirling while Madison realizes she has been supremely dethroned. Misty and Stevie are a match made in heaven, twirls and all, and the vision of Supreme seems more exciting than ever.

Cordelia lets Fiona and Laveau in on critical information -- that her father-in-law is the head of Delphi trust, which we know is the cover operation for the order of the witch hunters. The ladies have to be smart about taking the order down, and find that today the only god people believe in is a green, merciless god: dolla dolla bills, ya’ll. Fiona thinks cutting off their money supply will bring them to their knees, and with a little witchcraft on their side as well as a mouse in a maze they do just that. Once the mouse is caught, so is Delphi, and with their spell being a success, Fiona falls to the ground. How do you wake up a Supreme? If you’re the Voodoo Queen, you use a little “rattle viper sperm incense” which cleanses the area and clears the evil at hand. Duh.

Fiona tells Laveau that her cancer is spreading, and as the next Supreme grows stronger she grows weaker. Laveau wants to keep Fiona alive a bit longer, but Fiona wants to live forever. Unfortunately there are just two ways: a vial of Laveau’s tears, which would just extend Fiona’s agony for eternity, or to sell her soul to Papa Legba. She shares with Fiona her path to eternal life. She made her deal with Papa Legba to be immortal without understanding the price, and when she became a mother she found out her price was her baby, an innocent soul, and every year since then another soul to hold up her end of the deal. Her story doesn’t do much to deter Fiona, but in the end Papa Legba only comes to those that want him enough. The question is, does Fiona?

A procession down in the ward leads us to Madison and Misty. Madison is trying her hardest to keep Misty away from the throne, and finds that the best way to do so is by telling Misty she is being played for her power. They make their way to a cemetery where Madison (supposedly) brings a man back to life, telling Misty she just wants to be friends, telling her they are both powerful and she just wants to be friends. In reality Madison has enough power to pick up a brick, hit Misty with it and knock her out for just enough time to be buried alive by cemetery workers. Not very witchy, but characteristically twitchy with a 'B.'

Zoe and Nan go to visit Luke’s mother, and Nan finds out that he was cremated. Now unable to bring him back from the dead, she pins Zoe against a wall and makes Luke’s murderous mother cleanse herself with bleach. What does this prove? Everyone’s powers are growing, and it’s anybody's guess who the next Supreme is. Nan certainly isn’t as pure as she was before, but then again, power comes with a price.

Fiona does her best to call forth Papa Legba, and it seems her wish is granted. They bargain a deal: Fiona’s soul in exchange for “freedom from death.” She’s a smart cookie, though, and having heard of Laveau’s own trouble with Papa Legba she gets down to the details. She will not age, will not decay, will not fade and in return she must provide a service to Papa Legba once a year on a day of his choosing, unable to refuse the service. It could be hurting Cordelia, killing someone she loves, killing an innocent, but Fiona is determined to live forever regardless of the consequence. Unfortunately for her, the deal can’t be sealed because Fiona, Supreme of the witches, has no soul. Now that immortality is out of the picture, the only way to stop dying is to get rid of the next Supreme. The only way to ensure the next Supreme is killed is to kill all of the witches in her way, an action she is more than willing to take.

Nan and her growing powers take her through the house, where she finds a baby, Laveau’s stolen baby. Of course Fiona know’s who the baby is for: Papa Legba needs his innocent soul, every year, without fail. Now that Nan is showing off her powers, talking smack, there is only one solution: save the baby and drown Nan. Nan is mostly innocent, and Papa Legba can’t refuse. He does say that Laveau and Fiona together are trouble and with that, Fiona retires to her living room, tears in her eyes, listening to the magical delights of Stevie Nicks.

Battle lines are about to be drawn, and with Fiona and Laveau working together, both having lost so much, and willing to give up more, we all fear for the opposition no matter which side they’re on.