It seems that just about every great singer on 'American Idol' this week had "Georgia" on their minds. We're not sure why, but pretty much every top performer blew the judges away with a rendition of the Ray Charles classic. Not least among the 'Georgia on My Mind' singers was new father and last performer of the night Adam Brock.

Stepping up to the mic in his coffee shop glasses and emerald green sweater, 27-year-old Brock unabashedly declared, “I think it’s time for American Idol to have some white chocolate up in here!” Thankfully, he was able to bring that white chocolate, standing out in a sea of vanilla performances. Launching into the soulful song with just the right amount of soul and control, Brock broke it down where others just broke down.

The singer's soulful energy sounded incredible with the background singers (who had gotten some pretty good practice at the song by this point). As Brock brought the song to a killer close, Steven Tyler couldn't contain it any longer and shouted, "Oh, oh, oh. Magic note right there!”

Tyler also pointed to Brock's back pocket and asked what was up with the white hankie he had sticking out of it. Pulling the handkerchief from his pocket, Brock explained that it belonged to his late grandfather who was also his biggest fan. He said his mom gave it to him and he'd kept it in his pocket for every round of the auditions. Plus, it didn't hurt that Tyler had used it during the dance party sound check to wipe his brow earlier that day.

In the end, Brock was in the first room of contestants to learn their fate, and baby he's headed to Las Vegas! Don't miss the next round of the show tomorrow night (Feb. 16), where you can see just how far the young talent will go.