Aubrey Cleland sang Beyonce’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ on tonight’s episode of ‘American Idol’ (Feb 27). At just 19 years old, she radiates natural poise, a stunning fashion sense and impressive vocal skills to match. What can we say? Some girls just have it all.

“You’ve got such great fire in your voice. I really, really loved it,” exclaimed ‘Idol’ judge Keith Urban. Nicki Minaj took his praise one step further with her declaration of “I am obsessed with you!” Randy Jackson agreed that she possesses that effortless star quality that so many people work so hard to achieve. “I feel like you have the whole complete package,” he commented.

A rather heated discussion ensued, in which Jackon and Minaj argued about her song choice. While he loved her overall performance, Jackson criticized the tune she chose for being “a little confining to her range.” But it wouldn’t be ‘American Idol’ without a little bit of controversy, right? Thankfully, though, Mariah Carey put an end to the debate before it got too out of hand. “I think you’re limitless, and I hope you continue with us,” she said, rounding out the panelists' remarks.

It looks like Carey’s wishes came true tonight, because the charming young singer was ushered on to the next round of the ‘Idol’ competition.