Well, our hearts have officially melted after scrolling through these baby pictures of the Season 10 contestants from 'American Idol.' The official 'American Idol' website posted these photo gems from the 'Idol' alums' childhoods, and some are just too cute for words.

We have a lot of favorite pictures in this gallery, which includes two baby pictures of each contestant from the final 13. Some major highlights would have to be baby-faced Casey Abrams, whose chubby cheeks and big smile made us let out a big "awww." James Durbin was also a rocker cutie, sporting a faux hawk and super-cool sunglasses when he was just a little kid. Jacob Lusk's baby photo also made us giggle -- we wonder what he was laughing at that was so funny!

Scroll through all of these baby pictures of the Season 10 'American Idol' contestants and let us know who you think was the cutest baby in the comment section below.