'American Idol' hopeful Britnee Kellogg turned in an impressive performance of 'You're No Good,' since it was fraught with emotion over her personal circumstances. She is a 27-year-old single mom with two boys, who was married to a basketball player whose needs she put ahead of her own. His name is Matt Conboy, and was apparently a philanderer who eventually cheated, rubbing a big dash of salt in her fresh wounds. The show made him sound like he was an NBA player a la LeBron James, but we did a little digging, and we think this is the guy.

But Kellogg is pursuing her dreams, with her boys in tow. She has resume ripe for a show like 'Idol, having been named Miss Washington Jr. Teen. She was on a radio contest where she sang like Taylor Swift. She got to meet Swift, who offered her some key advice. "She basically said I need to be in Nashville and just give it everything I have and never give up," the pretty blonde told The Columbian.

She is toiling away, working at Nordstrom during the day and gigging at night. She said, "Every time I sing, I go to a different place, and I don't have to think about anything else."

Kellogg did ask judge Jennifer Lopez for advice since she is a mom juggling a lot of jobs and two kids, so an instant kinship formed there. Shame on that hoops-playing hubby for letting her go. She's a keeper.